Activities & Schemes


  •  Implementing MSMED ACT 2006 and Issuing of Industrial Memorandum to Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise,  announced by Govt. of India .
  •  Implementing of Micro, Small &I Medium Industries Policy 2008, announced by Govt. of Tamilnadu.
  •  Providing incentive support to Micro, Small & Medium Industries .
  •  Testing and Training facilities to the Entrepreneurs.
  •  and Small Enterprise Facilitation Councils.
  •  Single Window Clearance scheme to provide all clearance under one roof providing Escort Services to the Entrepreneur.
  •  Assistance to the Sick Units Back ended interest Subsidy for Technology upgradation Modernisation.
  •  Creating awareness for the development of Industries through Seminars and Dissemination Meets.
  •  Conducting of Techno Economic Surveys and sample/comprehensive Survey.
  •  Providing Incubator facilities to deserving entrepreneurs.
  •  Sanction of Back Ended Interest Subsidies to Micro and Small, Enforcement of Quality Control Order.


  •  New Entreprenrur Enterprise Development Scheme (NEEDS).
    NEEDS Beneficiaries 2013-14
  •  Unemployement youth Employement generation programme (UYEGP).
    UYEGP Beneficiaries 2013-14
  •  Prime Minister Employment Generation Programme (PMEGP).
    PMEGP Beneficiaries 2013-14
  •  Incentives under MSMI policy.
    Capital subsidy beneficiaries 2013-14,VAT subsidy benefiaries 2013-14,LTPT subsidy beneficiaries 2013-14,Genset subsidy benefiaries 2013-14
  •  National Manufacturing Competitiveness Programme (NMCP).
  •  Small Industries Cluster Development Programme (SICDP).
  •  Micro & Small Enterprises Cluster Development Programme.
  •  Scheme for Capacity Building.
  •  Credit Linked Capital subsidy scheme for Technology Upgradation/ Modernisation.
  •  Guarantee Fund Trust Schemes (CGFTS).
  •  9000/ISO 14001 Certification Reimbursement Scheme.
  •  in the International Exhibitions/Fairs.
  •  Financial Assistance for using Global Standards (CS1) in Barcoding.
  •  Purchase and Price Preference Policy.
  •  Integrated Infrastructure Development (IID Scheme).
  •  MSME – Market Development Assistances.
  •  Assistance to Entrepreneurship Development Assistances.
  •  for Micro Finance Programme.
  •  Promotional Schemes for Women.
  •  Schemes for Weaker sections.
  •  Scheme on (TREAD) for Women.
  •  Scheme for Fund for Registration of Traditional Industries (SFURTI).
  •  Product development, Design Intervention and Packaging.
  •  Support for Entrepreneurial and Managerial Development of SMEs through Business Incubators.
  •  SSI MDA Scheme.
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